MSOE to Host Collegiate Aerial Robotics Exhibition

March 21, 2013 – The FIRST Collegiate Robotics Organization at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) is pleased to announce that the MSOE Kern Center has been selected as the venue for the 2013 Collegiate Aerial Robotics Exhibition. The event will be held on Saturday, April 6th from 9:00am to 4:00pm and will feature teams from MSOE, Oakland University, University of Wisconsin–Platteville, and Virginia Tech competing in the Collegiate Aerial Robotics (CAR) Challenge.

The CAR Challenge is a platform through which ambitious college students will demonstrate robust acumen across the range of STEM, professional, and entrepreneurial skill sets on a global stage in friendly competition with their peers. The Challenge will feature two alliances consisting of two randomly paired teams, each providing a ground robot and an aerial robot for a match. During the match, both ground and air robots must obtain and manipulate tennis balls to score points.

CAR was founded in 2010 as the Collegiate Aerial Robotics Demonstration by a group of FIRST Robotics alumni. The program was motivated by inventor Dean Kamen, who visualized the prospect of what he called the "NCAA of FIRST". With tremendous support from a dozen colleges and many FIRST alumni, the demonstration culminated at the 2011 FIRST Championships in St. Louis, MO, where ten teams competed with their aerial and ground robots. While met with tremendous success in the demonstration year, the college-level challenge is not an official component of the FIRST repertoire of programs. Instead, CAR continues as its own volunteer-driven program, comprised of numerous FIRST alumni who wish to bring engaging and inspirational activities to college-aged students around the world.

SCOE Robotics is the collegiate robotics team at MSOE, which functions under MSOE's FIRST Collegiate Robotics Organization (FCRO). Along with participating in the CAR Challenge, the organization works to support the various robotics programs established by FIRST by mentoring teams of younger students in our area and volunteering at local FIRST competitions. In 2011, SCOE Robotics received the FIRST Support Award and was on the 1st Place Alliance. The organization’s executive committee worked tirelessly to bring this year’s competition to MSOE and looks forward to working with the MSOE community to make this event a success.

For further information, please contact Ryan Ponstein ( For updates on the competition, and the progress of MSOE's SCOE Robotics team, please visit the team's Facebook page or this website.