The 2011 Game

Over the course of the build season, in preparation for the competition, each team built one aerial robot and one ground robot. The game for the 2011 season was called “All Your Base”. The playing field was a 3x3 square grid of bases, with a raised starting position for aerial vehicles in each corner. Each base could be captured by aerial robots and by ground robots. A ground robot could capture a base by firing a projectile into a target hole on the side of the base. The aerial robot collected and droped off a virtual payload to capture a base by landing on the top platform. If a robot scored on an opposing team's base, then possession of the base was flipped to match the scoring team. Teams earned points for capturing positions and scoring three linearly sequential targets. Points were totaled for the duration of the match and the winner was the alliance with the highest score.

image: CARD Playing Field

image: MSOE Ground Robot Firing a Projectile